What is Morgan Kenwood Advisors?

Morgan Kenwood is a full service financial planning and advisory services firm focused on helping individuals and families actualize their dreams and goals. It is a growing firm with a current team of associates comprised of planners and client services experts. Lee Barczak, President, provides the vision and direction to ensure high quality service. He personally educates his team on proven strategies and investments so clients’ plans and portfolios are tailored to their needs.

What services does Morgan Kenwood Advisors offer?

Morgan Kenwood offers a full array of financial services to address all aspects of comprehensive financial life planning and management. Examples of just some of the many services offered are:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment strategies
  • Personal financial planning
  • Income protection strategies
  • Tax analysis
  • College funding
  • Long term care planning
  • Estate planning
  • Life event and major purchase planning

Who is Morgan Kenwood Advisors’ ideal client?

Morgan Kenwood’s ideal clients live within their means, have definitive dreams about their future, and are excited about being able to gradually accumulate wealth using a long range plan. Our typical clients are pre-retiree and retirees, ranging in age from early 40s to early 70s. Morgan Kenwood Advisors also has experience with younger career individuals with families, who are focused on building a secure financial future. Clients in this accumulation phase of their life generally have household incomes that allow contributions to be made to employer retirement plans and personal IRAs. Morgan Kenwood’s more senior clients are thinking about life style changes or fulfilling their dreams, while others are pursuing new careers. They are interested in keeping their nest egg intact and growing. They enjoy the fruits of their labor and may be structuring their affairs to provide a legacy for loved ones.

What makes Morgan Kenwood Advisors unique and worthy of consideration?

Through the years, Lee Barczak and Morgan Kenwood have made the effort to truly understand clients’ needs. As a result, our firm values revolve around what we do best:

  • Educate
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Care

We have been known to inspire many individuals and couples to formulate decisions that make a profound difference in their lives. Morgan Kenwood focuses its energy on providing financial advice the way it should be – client centered! If you currently are not working with a professional, or you are not confident in the advice you are receiving, then this may be an excellent time to explore your options. Our “Second Opinion Program” may be an excellent way get to know us. We welcome your serious consideration.

How do I know if I need professional assistance with my financial affairs?

The Internet and media makes financial information much more readily available today. The downside is determining which information is accurate and which information is right for your situation. In addition, turbulent market conditions, complex income tax and estate planning laws, retirement rules and regulations, along with the overall challenge of managing your money, can make it too much to handle alone. There is tremendous value in working with a professional who can readily inform you of all the strategies, complex products and tax laws that apply to your individual situation. This saves time and helps drastically minimize decisions that can lead to ineffective results.

What does Morgan Kenwood see as predominant challenges facing today’s investors?

Most investors still manage their portfolios without a financial plan as a guide. This leads to choosing investments that may not be compatible with their long term goals. There should be little surprise that this method usually results in a dissatisfied consumer. Imagine being hired for a new job outside of your experience and being told no training or education would be provided or available. When managing their portfolio without a plan, most people are in that very position. This can be corrected with guidance from our experienced planners.

Identifying a reputable and qualified adviser. Investors should be able to trust a professional, with not only their financial information, but with their personal dreams and goals. This is why we have developed a clear process of specific steps to help you create a financial plan designed to be successful.

Understanding how to make retirement assets last once retirement is achieved. Investors spend all their working years accumulating assets so they can retire. Longer life expectancies result in longer retirement periods. This requires a totally different approach to investing during retirement which few advisors and even fewer consumers are familiar with.

How do I decide which investments are right for me?

The incredible number of financial products and services being offered from many companies can be overwhelming to the investor. Since Morgan Kenwood’s advisory services are fee-based, you receive impartial advice in your best interest. The lack of bias in a fee-based approach lifts the cloud of confusion, so the choices that will ensure financial success are clear.

How is Morgan Kenwood Advisors, LLC paid for their services?

Morgan Kenwood Advisers work on a defined fee basis. You pay for unbiased advice on how best to reach your financial goals. This allows you to choose the level of service you need to relieve you from the aggregate burden of financial, investment, tax, insurance, income and estate planning. Your Morgan Kenwood Team will help you achieve a greater sense of knowledge and strategy than you ever experienced. It leaves you in control, but not alone.

How do I set up a meeting with an adviser, and how do I prepare for my visit?

We offer introductory consultations to new clients to discuss your financial needs and goals. To meet with an adviser, call Morgan Kenwood Advisors at (414) 423-4020. Expect to discuss an overview of your situation; you can be certain Morgan Kenwood Advisors holds client confidentiality to the highest standards. The more information and documents you can bring to the consultation is to your benefit. We also offer data gathering forms to help you prepare. Remember, we want you to feel comfortable working with us and leave knowing exactly what Morgan Kenwood Advisors can do for you.